Road Network

Linking Kidapawan with other municipalities such as Makilala, Magpet, Roxas, Matalam, Mlang will unravel a very big market. Every investor will always be looking for that ingredient before pouring in money into the area. Of course there are other consideration such as peace and order, power supply, manpower supply, etcetera,  but the most important aspect of any business enterprise is the costumer, and linking the five municipalities with Kidapawan to create the Metro Kidapawan corridor would open access to around 600,000 people. That is as big as Cagayan de Oro or General Santos.

Second reason why there is a need for a new and better road network is the continous growth of the  vehicle population in the city. As many Kipapawenyos bewail, the lone major road-Quezon boulevard- carries all the burden of servicing the major vehicular traffic, and in four to five years the traffic congestion along that route will be unbearable. The leaders of the city should not wait for that clogged moment before acting on it. Good leaders are always  proactive in there approach rather than reactive.

Third reason is the development  that a sound road network will draw out of its business environment. It is noticeable how business establishment sprouts along major roads. The reason is obvious. In Kidapawan, almost all major establishments are located along the Quezon boulevard because there are no other roads where traffic flows. If the road going to barangay Magsaysay becomes a main alternative route, there will be no doubt that businesses will be established along that strip.

This is something that should be done this early because it is not yet a big problem. This is a must if Kidapawan is to become one major city in this part of the country. Every major cities that were develop during the modern time have alternative routes. Major cities have elliptical roads, and not only one but several elliptical roads.

Connecting roads will unlock the vast economic potential of the place, it will also arrest the potential congestion problem.


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