10 Should Haves for Kidapawan

During one of my morning rituals, over a cup of coffee (but most often these days over a mug of choco drink, since I have read somewhere that over indulgence to coffee would result to reduction of dilation ability of my veins, ) discussing the problems of the world with my wife, criticizing the stupidity of our government leaders, murmuring about the whys and the hows of our daily lives, a thought occurred to me to list 10 things (or whatever) that I would like Kidapawan City to have.

The first few items came in a hurry. But as I reach the mid point, the velocity of listing came to a sudden drop (you may try listing your 10 wishes for your place or for your self, before you continue reading, and see if you could reach 10).

My list below could be categorize into three groups. People, Purpose, Place (not necessarily in that order). I decided to limit it to three for simplification reason. I intend to discuss further, each topic, in the succeeding  articles.

By People; it means, the leader, the beaurocrats (or the people in the government), the stake holders like the ordinary people and the enfluencers.

Purpose; it is about, the vision or the over riding purpose,  and the plan.

Place; this is divided into, Infrastructure that needs to be built, and the environment that needs to be protected.

The list not in order, and not arranged categorically:

1. Road Network; a. Diversion Road b. Road net work connecting the 5 surrounding municipalities.

2. A Mall or a nes business center.

3. Sports Complex

4. Local Water Production and distribution system.

5. Local Electricity Production and Distribution System.

6. A 25 year Master Development Plan

7. A strong Education Infrastructure

8. A well trained and highly skilled beaurocrats

9. Clean and Green Environment

10. A good leader.


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