Kidapawan 2030

This political season I am intrigued what promises our candidates would give to voters. I can’t help to feel so low with many of these self proclaimed messiah who do not even have an inkling of what to do if ever they are voted to office. Noynoy Aquino is one of those candidate, and I can already feel the chilling effect if ever he is voted in. It will again be a waste of time, most likely another six year set back.

To free my thoughts about the looming national leadership crisis, I tend to focus on local political concerns, which unfortunately, is similarly lacking in vision, management skills,  and fortitude to fight the strong pull financial greed. But what if the local leader ask me about my vision for my town in 20 year time?

Last night, I brought out this scenario with my wife after dinner. We talked about this vision and developmental thing, which prove to be a hard nut to crack.

Kidapawan City is a resource rich commune in Mindanao. With the lowest poverty incidence, and with its high income, it is supposedly in a very good position to rapidly grow economically. But it failed to do so. Why?

There is already a economically thriving agro based industry, and a population of around 600,ooo people living in and around the city (including people from surrounding municipalities), there is just enough reason for me to imagine a city….

Imagine; and urban city at the heart of Mindanao, a center of commerce and trade, cultural and educational exchanges; where people of around 1 million (by 2030) interacts for their everyday pursuits.

Imagine Kidapawan, with several malls, and recreation centers; a place with high quality hospitals, educational institutions that could compete with the best in the country, where people enjoy the benefit of an enviromentally stable abode.

Is it coming, or it will just be a dream.


One response to “Kidapawan 2030

  1. I don’t know much about politics nor do I want to dance with it. But my observations – and I think this is an obvious one at that. Philippines lack education and training and leadership—which creates poor decisions when they do make decisions.

    I question more on how the heck did the Philippine government mis-managed the country and what are they going to do about it to bring it up to par against the rest of the world.

    I am sure they are doing something and trying something but none of what they tried bear effective fruits for the country, but rather a band-aid to fix some certain issues or problem. They are not fully tackling the sources of the whole problem. Or do they know what the source(s) of all these problems and start taking care of them one issue at a time.

    I know this will be a decades long or even perhaps a generation long process considering we have gone under for such a long time now.

    It also doesn’t help when the people vote for the wrong person for the job—there’s a lot of hearsays going around and people ended up accepting it as a fact—especially those with lack of proper communication lines.

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