Expectations for Kidapawan this 2010

The economic activity this christmas season is a proff that indeed Kidapawan is one place where people are not suffering from poverty. (Kidapawan was reported to be the number one in terms of less poor or poverty stricken residents.) The potential is enormous.

Politically though, Kidapawan seem to be unfortunate to have a very shallow pool of political leaders. The incumbent Mayor, Rodolfo Gantuanco, inspite of tsimis of corruption and ill administration, do not have a formidable opponent. And there are between nil to none, to look up to for future leaders. Few sons and daughters of the city are doing well in their choosen field of endeavors, but in local politics, they are not making any real political progress.

I can remember a few with potential to be leaders of this belleguered city. Angelo Palmones, who is doing good in his present job as manager of a big media organization, is a potential leader. Ric Ochia, who is now with the LTO, who onced served as under secretary in the GMA adminstration is also a potential political leader. Estong Gana who lost in his last bid for a congressional election is also a good potential leader.

These kind of leaders are needed to unleashed the gigantic economic potential of this city.

Let us help bring out these new leaders.


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