Palmones for Mayor of Kidapawan

No! the name is not Angelo but Francis. The judge, yes, is running for mayor of Kidapawan City.

Why would a judge offer himself for that post? Obviously it is not the salary that goes with the position. There must be some more profound reason for it.  And if we are to follow what he said during the brief  press conference where he explained the reason for  his intent to run, he said; 

his political “battle cry” is “to effect change in governance.”

“To achieve good governance is to get rid of graft and corruption in the government.” It means something in him is moved by the affluence acquired by the present mayor, or the progress that Kidapawan could have achieved if the enormous resources of the city is properly utilized. He said; “As native son of Kidapawan City, the place which has nurtured my youthful dreams for myself and for my parents, I can not forever remain passive to the urgent call for the much-needed reform and clamor for good governance.”

The statement is loaded. Although it did not directly mentioned graft and corruption being rampant under the mayorship of Rodolfo Gantuanco, the suggestion is quiet apparent.


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