Of Leaders and Progress

The other day I was at a barangay fiesta, exchanging pleasantries with the local people. Naturally, the local higher ups, meaning the politicians and other wannabies were there.

The discussion of these dignified persons made me lose my focus on the food. I can’t help wondering why on earth we keep on electing thesame ignoramuses to office. The people that run (I was about to call them leaders but it seems a misnomer) the affairs of the city are thesame all over. It is not a coincedence that progress is hard to come.

The development of any place depends mainly on its people-with its leader. The better the leader the greater the chances that progress will be achieved. There were instances when weak leaders holds on the batton of power yet some were able to deliver…because they have a system that works. In the Philippines, we have yet to find the right system so we have to depend generally to the vision and skill of our leaders.

On my part, I can’t seem to find intelligence with the utterances and actions of our leaders. I can’t find enough reason to be proud of my leader who wastes their time in casinos and cockpit arenas. I can’t find enough encouragement to leaders whose only way of socializing with the people is to drink to intoxication.

This is just my way of letting out my disgust with the poor quality of our local executives. I hope they would indulge in activities that would improve their managerial skills, and that the people will also see beyond the lowly shoulder tap that they get from their so called leaders in exchange for their votes.


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