Development Vs Environment

Mother earth is now suffering severe respiratory problems. It is coughing profusely and has high fever, thanks to man’s unwavering drive towards progress. In the early days, normally people see no problem with that, but the present changes in environmental conditions have alarmed scientist and like minded groups of people to the dangers that progress may brought to the environment.

Today, it is not uncommon to talk about sustainable development. Economic progress must go hand in hand with environmental protection. Even the once mighty fossil fuel (oil) is now viewed as an evil in disguise as economic messiah. Hence, we hear researches in alternative fuel being encourage tremendously.

In the developing world, the people is not as concerned with the environment as it is with the developed world. China has even side step the call for them to curve their CO2 emission, with the pragmatic remark that they have a lot of hungry mouth  , thus they have to developed first, before anything else and that includes environmental problems.

This is also the case in the Philippines. In Kidapawan City, and nearby  municipalities, progress is being brought by the influx of investment in banana and other high valued crops.  Development has transformed the once sleepy town, into one of the booming cities in the country. Now, large banana plantations owned by multinational covered considerable portion of its land area. Even the mountainous area approaching the country’s highest peak-the Mt. Apo- has not been spared.

The result is sudden increase in local wealth, and a drastic reduction in poverty incidence in the city. On the other hand, very noticeable is the increasing incidence of flash floods, and the apparent increase in the temperature. The cool breeze that Kidapawan enjoys year round is no longer there.

The most alarming among these environmental concern would be its effect on drinking water. It is projected that water would soon become the most sought natural resource, and Kidapawan will soon lost one of its jewel.  If the unabated expansion of banana plantation will never cease, and the government through its arm, the DENR, will do nothing to the ever expanding excursion of people in the protected area, water will soon ceased to drip from Kidapawan’s faucets.


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