2009 Expectation

Kidapawan is a young city with so much potential. It is my wish that this blog could contribute to  its realization.

But where could we find the wealth of the city?

1. Kidapawan in itself, is an environmental eden. Storm seldom falls on its lap, but the weather is predictably constant. The land is very fertile, and is suited to almost any kind of plant. Each farmer could choose the crop that he/she thinks would provide the best income. So we have rubber plantations, banana plantations, sugarcane plantations, coconut plantations, mango and mangosten, durian and rambutan, spread along its vast arable lands.

2. Commerce. It is the commercial center of the province of Cotabato. Being a first class  city, it means its revenue is more than 300 million pesos per annum. No wonder why many big banking istitution have set up branches in the city.

3. Energy. Geothermal energy being produce by PNOC secures the city of dependable supply of electrical energy. And since it is by geothermal, it is environmentally friendly, thus not putting additional strain to mother earth.

4. People. Kidapawan has a population of about 120,000. Not so much compared to other urban cities, but if we include the surrounding municipalities of Makilala, Mlang, Magpet, Matalam, Pres. Roxas, the potential is becoming apparent. The combined population would be more than 500,000 inhabitants. Considering that the farthert of these municipalities are the towns of Mlang and Matalam which are a mere 23 kilometers away, it is obvious that people from these towns could be potential consumers, buyers, and investors. The location of Kidapawan at the center of these towns makes it even more ideal. (This is so, because originally these towns were part of Kidapawan).

The population of 500, 000 would be coparable to that of Cagayan de Oro City or Gen Santos City.

5.  Water. The water in Kidapawan is one of the best in the country. It is being sourced out from the springs and creeks from the mountains. The quality is superb, and supply is abundant. It is however, being challenge by the ever expanding banana plantations that have covered considerable space in the mountainous terrain of the city’s land area.

These are only few of the most obvious wealth of the city, which I hope the leaders would realize, are natural resources waiting to be exploited.


One response to “2009 Expectation

  1. Goodluck Kidapawan!!

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