MegaMarket, As business hub

Everytime I shop at DCLA in Davao, or in 168 shopping arcade and other similar shopping stores in Uyanguren, stores that people would jokingly refer to as “intsik-intsik”, I can’t help but imagine how people in Kidapawan would flockĀ  into those cube stores of botiques during christmas season.

Of course the stocks would be similar to those sold at NOVO, LCE, SUNRISER, JAIOU with the slight difference that the place would be the almost financially crippled MEGA MARKET. That approach would somehow resuscitate the dying business building.

There are many stalls inside the MEGA-M that are not in use. Some are utilize for other purposes, that it is now a problem for the market administration. It is now time for the city leaders to rivisit the original intent of the building. Evaluate if it is serving its purpose, evalluate if it is delivering the revenue it is expected to deliver, evaluate if the city government has recovered the investment it poured into the building.

Coverting the building to something like a medium size mall would invite a lot of investors. Those chinese traders in Davao who are crowding the limited space in Davao would certainly come and set up stores in Kidapawan.

The economic impact is obvious, but aside from that, is the chance for those less fortunate who have less financial muscle to shopp in Davao’s Malls to also have a taste of malling. I can imagine people from nearby municipalities would also be enticed to visit.

The city planning office don’t need to hire the Palafox group to developed the place. They could mimick the Mall models and voila, thatĀ  dark alleyed Mega Market will be transformed to a Mall type, well lighted, and shopper friendly shopping complex.


One response to “MegaMarket, As business hub

  1. great article, pls keep them coming about articles about kidapawan

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