Poverty and Economic Growth

“The Poverty Statistics at the Municipal Level showed that Kidapawan City, the capital of North Cotabato, bested all cities in Mindanao with a poverty rate of only 12.46%, followed by General Santos City with 13.98%; Polomolok in South Cotabato, 14.29%; and Davao City, 14.94%. Tagum City’s 15.42%, Cagayan de Oro’s 15.5%, Koronadal’s 16.18%, and Digos’s 18.22% . (GMA News).”

Does it mean that the Kidapawan is economically progressing as fast as Davao? Local leaders if they are aware of this news must be very proud of their jobs, but before the celebration, although Davao City is only at number four, its revenue is now reaching the 3 billion peso mark. Kidapawan is not improving in that department.

For propaganda purposes the two are sometimes intertwined, but care must be taken. Low poverty incidence means that the wealth of the state is evenly distributed to the people. In general, the wealth of the nation is generally assumed to be adequate for the basic needs of its constituents. A state could be rich, but still would suffer from high incidence of poverty when the wealth is being hoard by few.

But certainly it means that the economic lives of its people is better. It means that few people are eating kamoting kahoy in this part of the country. A far cry from the propaganda info that is always attached to Mindanao by Manila based journalist.

There are still so much room for improvement, but this news is a sigh of relief for Mayor Gantuanco’s leadership.


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